Oct 9, 2009 | Camp Sherman, OR
Oct 9, 2009

Although you wouldn't know it from my daily photos, ever since I got out here to Oregon, I have been spending 12-16 hours a day in front of a computer, working on a project that's been on my mind for more than two years, and which I think the digital world desperately needs right about now. So a great deal of urgency (and my Virgo / Saturn astrological primacy) has been pushing me along, even out here in the forest. After one of those long days, like today, my brain often feels like a weedy bed of sunlit swamp grass or a gnarled wooden metropolis, all trampled down and bent up with recursion, encapsulation, browser compatibility, and buggy loops. I'm getting used to the feeling of a mushy head, and beginning to associate it with nightfall. I'm saved by the forest, which is just a few steps away, and which restores my sanity every few hours with its thin air and cerulean blue jay skies.