Nov 4, 2010 | Burlington, VT
Nov 4, 2010

Things go so fast, so many new things that you just don't know where to put them, and while you're deciding where to put them there are even more things and then they build up and then they get bigger and then there's no space and it is like Tetris and you have been waiting so long for a long piece but there hasn't been a long piece and the pile is getting higher and you have been saving a space and you think how you could really use a long piece and how much it would help and clear up so many things but the screen is getting full and then there's only one row left and you know if the next piece isn't a long piece then there will be no way and it will be game over and then the next piece appears and it's coming so fast and the crazy music is making you tense and making you frantic and you're tapping the spacebar and flipping around and now you see the new piece and oh how you hope it's a long piece but then you see the new piece and you see it's not a long piece but instead another square piece and there's just no space for a square piece dammit why'd they never let you have a long piece you saved a space and waited so long and played it so well and it was all you ever needed and don't you know it would have fit so well in the space you kept open but now the space is blocked and if you want to go on you'll need to start another game but there's a chance you're all out of credits.