May 24, 2010 | Siglufjörður, Iceland
May 24, 2010

"We call her Home Duck."

"She comes back to our house every year. You can see by the white of her neck that she's very old. The kids used to pick her up and hold her. But today some people with dogs came in a jeep and they opened the door, and she was scared, very scared, so I don't think it's right to hold her now."

"You see, they come to know us, and we are friends. In the summer we come every three or four days — dig little holes, lay down grass. We used to clean up the garbage, but we don't do that anymore. For their nests they like decoration."

"It is like a special relationship, you see. The humans and the Eiders. It has been like that for many years. They trust us, and it is very beautiful."