Dec 2, 2009 | Sisters, OR
Dec 2, 2009

Tonight the lights went out in Sisters. I arrived for my regular head-clearing, limb-loosening, sanity-restoring swim just after dusk, only to find a darkened pool, its water like a moonlit pond on a windless night. Apparently an icy road accident broke an electrical main, cutting off half the town's power. They wouldn't open the pool in the darkness, so I went upstairs, walked down a wooden hallway that smelled like carpet cleaner, and joined a yoga class that was happening anyway. The moon was full and the room had no mirrors, so we could not see ourselves or each other, except for our silhouettes and the sharp shadows our bodies cast on the walls. The class lasted over an hour, and then everyone disbanded and headed outside into the even darker darkness, silently and alone, like yoga ghosts.