Oct 23, 2009 | Portland, OR
Oct 23, 2009

My temporary return to civilization was eased considerably by the quiet insurrection busily being staged on the city of Portland by nature — burying cars, carpeting streets, moistening grass, decorating overpasses, and wrapping telephone pole trees in pulpy stapled paper bark. This particular siege seemed to be greeted with little resistance by the hearty and strapping residents of Portland, anchored by their sober grasp on work/life balance. I was in town for a Caldera fundraiser, on the top floor of the cavernous headquarters of the Wieden + Kennedy advertising agency (which principally supports Caldera). Remnants of the forest, like me, stepped into the cityscape, popping up over rooftops, dangling from rafters, and scaling concrete walls. Particularly beaverish Wieden workers sometimes spend the night, aided by the official corporate napping rooms, outfitted with a full range of massage oils. I'm glad I've got my own bed.